If a lizard can…

This is a true story that happened in Japan.
In order to renovate the house, a Japanese man breaks open the wall. Japanese houses normally have a hollow space between the wooden walls.
When tearing down the walls, he found that there was a lizard stuck there, because a nail from outside had been hammered into one of its feet.
He sees this, feels pity, & at the same time curious. When he checks the nail, it was nailed 5 years ago, when the house was built!!!
What happened?
The lizard had survived in such a position for 5 yrs!!!
In a dark wall partition for 5 years without moving, it is impossible and mind-boggling.
Then he wondered how this lizard had survived for 5 years without moving a single inch, since its foot was impaled!
So he stopped his work and observed the lizard, to see what it has been doing, and how it has been eating
Later, not knowing from where it came, appears another lizard, with food in it’s mouth.
Ah! He was stunned and touched deeply.
For the lizard that was impaled by the nail, another lizard had been feeding it for the past 5 years.
Imagine? It has been doing that untiringly for 5 long years, without giving up hope on its partner.
Imagine what a small creature can do, that a creature blessed with a brilliant mind cannot do.
Please, never abandon your loved ones. Don’t turn your back on people because they are in difficulty. Don’t see yourself as more intelligent or the best. You may be a bit luckier today but life is uncertain and can change things tomorrow….
A Moment of negligence might break the very heart which loved you against all odds..
Before you say something just remember…
It takes a moment to break, but an entire lifetime to make …………
God created space within our fingers so that we can hold hands……
Be there for somebody today.
Love one another!!


Japanese doctor

Once I Love this Japanese Doctor.
His name is Potitokala Adrasakke.
Q: Doctor, I’ve heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?
A: Heart is only good for so many beats, and that’s it. Don’t waste time on exercise. Everything wears out eventually.  Speeding up heart does not make you live longer; its like saying you extend life of a car by driving faster. Want to live longer? Take a Nap. 
Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake?
A: Oh no. 

Wine made from fruit. Fruit very good.

Brandy distilled wine, that means  they take water out of fruity bit. So you get even more of goodness that way.

Beer also made of grain. Grain good too.

Bottoms up!
Q: What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program? 

A: Can’t think of one, sorry. My philosophy: No pain… Good! 
Q: Aren’t fried foods bad for you?

A: YOU NOT LISTENING! Food fried in vegetable oil. How getting more vegetable be bad ???? 
Q: Is chocolate bad for me ? 

A: You crazy ?!? HEL-LO-O!! Cocoa bean! Another vegetable! Its best feel-good food around! 
Q: Is swimming good for your figure?

A: If swimming good for figure, Explain Whale to me. 
Q: Is getting in shape important for my lifestyle? 

A: Hey! ‘Round’ is also a shape! 
Well… I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions may have had about food and diets. 
And Remember: 
Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to Skid in Sideways – Beer in one hand – Chocolate in the other – Body thoroughly used up, Totally worn out and screaming “WOO-HOO, What a Ride!!”
👏👏 *Enjoy Life…*

Evidence based medicine

Once What is evidence based medicine…?
Put ice into a glass of water

The ice floats

Its called *Observational study*
Press the ice down

And it comes up again 

Its called *Experimental study*
Randomize ice and stones

And put in glasses of water

Only the ice floats….

This is called *Double blind RCT*
Meta analyse all these experiments done with ice and water in the world

It becomes *Cochrane data base*
Present your ice experiments in a conference.

Its is *free paper presentation*
Publish your ice experiments in a reputed journal.

It becomes *EVIDENCE*
Impressed by the results of *ice in water*, put ICE IN A GLASS OF VODKA with a squeeze of lime and a little sugar syrup and savor it….


Don’t bargain with the poor

Once A lady visited road-side egg-seller.  She asked him, “How much are you selling the eggs for?”
The old seller replied to her, “Rs.5/- for one egg, Madam.”
She said to him, “I will take 6 eggs for Rs.25/- or I will leave.”
The old seller replied, “Come take them at the price you want. May God  bless us, and maybe this is a good beginning because I have not yet sold to anyone.”
She took it and walked away feeling she has won. She got into her fancy car and went to pick her friend, and invited her to a restaurant. 
She and her friend sat down and ordered what they like. They ate a little and left a lot of what they ordered.
Then she went to pay the bill. The bill was Rs.1,200/-. She gave him Rs. 1,300/- and said to the owner of the restaurant: “Keep the change.”
This story may seem normal to the owner of the restaurant. But it is very painful for the eggs’ seller.
_The bottom line is_:
Why do we always show that we have the power when we buy from the needy and the poor? And we are generous with those who do not need our generosity?  Can we call it social hypocrisy?
May God enlighten our vision.  🙏

7 short stories

Once 7 short stories: 
Today, I interviewed my grandmother for part of a research paper I’m working on for my Psychology class. When I asked her to define success in her own words, she said, “Success is when you look back at your life and the memories make you smile.”
Today, after I watched my dog get run over by a car, I sat on the side of the road holding him and crying. And just before he died, he licked the tears off my face.
Today, as my father, three brothers, and two sisters stood around my mother’s hospital bed, my mother uttered her last coherent words before she died. She simply said, “I feel so loved right now. We should have gotten together like this more often.”
Today, I kissed my dad on the forehead as he passed away in a small hospital bed. About 5 seconds after he passed, I realized it was the first time I had given him a kiss since I was a little boy.
5. JOY:
Today, when I witnessed a 27-year-old cancer patient laughing hysterically at her 2-year-old daughter’s antics, I suddenly realized that I need to stop complaining about my life and start celebrating it again.
Today, a boy in a wheelchair saw me desperately struggling on crutches with my broken leg and offered to carry my backpack and books for me. He helped me all the way across campus to my class and as he was leaving he said, “I hope you feel better soon.”
Today, I was traveling in Kenya and I met a refugee from Zimbabwe. He said he hadn’t eaten anything in over 3 days and looked extremely skinny and unhealthy. Then my friend offered him the rest of the sandwich he was eating. The first thing the man said was, “We can share it.”
Cheers to life..!

Positive psychology

Once Did you know that at Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the most popular and successful course teaches you how to learn to be happier?
 The Positive Psychology class taught by Ben Shahar attracts 1400 students per semester and 20% of Harvard graduates take this elective course.
According to Ben Shahar, the class – which focuses on happiness, self-esteem and motivation – gives students the tools to succeed and face life with more joy._This 35-year-old teacher, considered by some to be “the happiness guru”, highlights in his class 14 key tips for improving the quality of our personal status and contributing to a positive life:
🚩Tip 1. *Thank God for everything you have*:  Write down 10 things you have in your life that give you happiness. Focus on the good things!

🚩Tip 2. *Practice physical activity* Experts say exercising helps improve mood. 30 minutes of exercise is the best antidote against sadness and stress.

🚩Tip 3. *Breakfast:* Some people miss breakfast for lack of time or not to get fat. Studies show that breakfast gives you energy, helps you think and perform your activities successfully.

🚩Tip 4. *Be Assertive*: Ask what you want and say what you think. Being assertive helps improve your self-esteem. Being left and remaining silent creates sadness and hopelessness.

🚩Tip 5. *Spend your money on experiences*..a study found that 75% of people felt happier when they invested their money in travel, courses and classes; While only the rest said they felt happier when buying things.

🚩Tip 6. *Face your challenges*: Studies show that the more you postpone something, the more anxiety and tension you generate. Write short weekly lists of tasks and complete them.

🚩Tip 7. *Put everywhere nice memories, phrases and photos of your loved ones*: Fill your fridge, your computer, your desk, your room, YOUR LIFE of beautiful memories.

🚩Tip 8. *Always greet and be nice to other people*: More than 100 inquiries state that just smiling changes the mood.

🚩Tip 9. *Wear comfortable shoes*: If your feet hurt you, you become moody, says Dr. Keinth Wapner, President of the American Orthopedics Association.

🚩Tip 10. *Take care of your posture*: Walk straight with your shoulders slightly backwards and the front view helps to maintain a good mood.

🚩Tip 11. *Listen to music* (Praise God): It is proven that listening to music awakens you to sing, this will make your life happy.

🚩Tip 12. *What you eat has an impact on your mood*:- Do not skip meals, eat lightly every 3 to 4 hours and keep glucose levels stable.- Avoid excess white flour and sugar.- Eat everything! Healthy- Vary your food.

🚩Tip 13. *Take care of yourself and feel attractive*:70% of people say they feel happier when they think they look good.

🚩Tip 14. *Fervently believe in God*: With him nothing is impossible! 
Happiness is like a remote control, we lose it every time, we go crazy looking for it and many times without knowing it, we are sitting on top of it … 👍👍🙏

The Cross

Once The first quarter of the year 1984 saw a lot of political unrest in Poland…

… with the government banning the display of crucifixes (= a Cross with the figure of Christ on it)  from factories, hospitals, schools and other public institutions.

No heed was paid to the strong waves of anger and resentment, all across the nation!

In a certain town in Eastern Poland – Garwolin –  a very zealous Communist administrator, one evening…

… removed seven large crucifixes from the classrooms of a school

 A few days later, some parents entered the school and hung more crosses

 >> But even those were taken down!

The following day, nearly 2/3rds of the school’s six hundred students staged a protest.

>> When heavily arm-laden police arrived, these students were forced into the streets.

Then they marched to a nearby Church…

… with crucifixes held high!

They were joined by 2,500 other students from nearby schools…

… for a prayer meet, in support of the protest.

Soldiers surrounded the Church..

… but the students remained undeterred, inside, and held on to the proclamation of the faith.

The following day, the world had taken notice of this bold protest…

… with many newspapers flashing the following headline:

“Clutching Crucifixes, students proclaim – There is no Poland without a Cross!”

Yes, this, indeed, is the truth of Christian life…

“Clutching Crucifixes, we need to proclaim – There is no Christianity without the Cross!”

This is the message being proclaimed by the Church – loud and clear and without any compromise – today, on this Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

Every religion and every ideology has its own symbol.

>> Buddhism has the wheel.

>> Judaism has the Star of David.

>> Islam has the crescent.

>> Hinduism has the Om.

>> Communists have the hammer and the sickle.

>> Nazis have the reverse swastika.

But what makes the symbol of Christianity – the Cross – so unique is that…

… Its founder transformed this instrument of shame into the sign of salvation!

… Its founder not just preached about the symbol, but even embraced it , in obedience and love!

The Cross had cast its shadow on the life of Christ all through…

Wood (symbolic of the ‘Wood of the Cross’) was part of the life of Christ all through…

… the Babe Jesus was laid on the ‘wood of the manger’ by his beloved Parents

… the Boy Jesus worked with ‘wood in the workshop’ of His carpenter father, Joseph

… the Brave Jesus would use the ‘wood of the boat’, as His Pulpit to preach the Word of God

>> The Beloved Jesus would finally be laid on the “wood of the Cross” in total obedience to His Father!

This is what the Lord foretold Nicodemus…

… as we see in today’s Gospel Passage: ” And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, so that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.” (Jn 3: 14)

Jesus makes a reference to the Old Testament incident as found in the Book of Numbers (Num 21: 4b-9)…

>> The people grew disinterested and dissipated by their journey and began to grumble

>> Their sin of disobedience and lack of trust in God’s Will  caused them to be punished

However, God in His mercy, offered a bronze serpent, mounted on a pole…

… for deliverance from the punishments of their sin

This bronze serpent would be a typography of the Cross of Christ!

Just as the bronze serpent came to the rescue of the people of Israel, the Cross of Christ comes to our rescue…

… but with a much greater reward – of salvation!

… with a much greater consolation – of the peace of Christ!

We too, often grow disinterested and dissipated in our journey of life and begin to grumble

>> Our sin of disobedience and lack of trust in God’s Will,  brings us punishments of various kinds

However, God in His mercy, offers us Christ Crucified, mounted on the Cross…

… for deliverance from the punishments of our sin!

All those who looked at the bronze serpent had lived…

>> All of us, who will look at Christ Crucified on the Cross, will live forever!

Our modernistic world has notoriously and pragmatically misuses the Cross:

>> Fashionists have the symbol of Christianity stylishly displayed all over themselves..

… as jewellery hanging round their necks, ears, wrists etc

… as tattoos imprinted on the various body parts

… as drawings on various objects of worldly use

The Cross is often found to be degraded and despised as merely…

… an ornament of show

… a pattern of beautification

… a statement of raging and crazy style

But the Cross of Christ transcends all these…

>> And, we Christians, today, need to be zealous, to restore the Cross, the Symbol of Christianity to its original sense…

… The Symbol of Hope and Salvation

… The Symbol of Unconditional Love

… The Symbol of Unfathomable Mercy
Yes, may this Feast Day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross…

… remind and revive in us, its message: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have Eternal Life!” (Jn 3:16)

>> And may we hold firm to the truth of Christian life…

“Clutching Crucifixes, we need to proclaim – There is no Christianity without the Cross!”

*Happy Feast of the Holy Cross of Christ!*

*_God Bless! Live Jesus_!*

Wife jokes

Once upon a time 😳 *Promise NOT TO LAUGH!!* 😳
Discussion of a couple over mobile at late night. 
Wife : _Where r u? U r speaking so tensed. What happend?_
Husband : _I’m in car dear. But found the steering wheel, clutch,brake, accelarator all are stolen from our car.. what to do??_
Wife : *U drunk again??*
Husband : _..A little… but how does it matter now. Think about the car first…_
Wife :  *Expected.. U idiot.. Change from left seat to right seat. U’ll find all!!!*

Nobody knows you better than your WIFE..💐 🙏😂

Never change your brand

Once upon a time When I ask my friend who is having a Rs 60000/- bike, which fuel he is using. 

He replied, it’s Petrol. 

When I asked why don’t he try Kerosene?  His reply was, the engine will be spoiled. 

I again asked him, will you drink?? 

He quietly said ‘yes’.

When I questioned, won’t it spoil your engine??? 

He humbly replied, it’s only occasionally… 
My question is, can we pour kerosene occasionally in our bike??? For a change??? 
We give more value to our 60000 bike but not for our life. 
Our life is more valuable and more Important.
















So never change your brand.  If it’s Whisky, let it be Whisky. 

If it’s Rum let it be Rum. 😳

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