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A woman had 8 children, all of them boys. So, one day a magazine sent a journalist to her house for an interview.

He asked her about the boys and what their names were; she said, “Johnnie”.
“Right”, he said, “what about that blond one over there?”
“Johnnie”, she said.
“Oh, and the tall one with the freckles?”
“Johnnie”, she said.
“Well, and the little chubby one with the baseball cap?”
“Johnnie”, she said.
“Are all your boys called Johnnie?” he asked, “Isn`t that terribly complicated?”
“Not at all”, she said, “it makes everything very easy, actually. When I shout: Johnnie, tea is ready!, they all come. When I say: Johnnie, it`s time for bed!, they all go to bed.”
“I see. But what if you want only one of them?”

“No problem.” she answers. Then I call them by their surnames.”

Story of a Happy Ending

One day a father took his young son to the pet shop to pick up a puppy as a birthday present and the boy spent one hour looking over the collection of little dogs in the window.

“Decided which one you want?” asked the father.
“Yes,” replied the boy, pointing to one puppy which was wagging its tail enthusiastically, “ the one with the happy ending.”

Moral: Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.

Story of the Way to Heaven

There is the funny story told of a preacher who was driving through a town not familiar to him and he was searching for the town hall where he was to conduct a prayer meeting and preach. He saw a group of boys playing and he asked them the way to the Town Hall. The boys in turn asked him about the nature of his work and he told them that he was going to preach and he invited them to join the others. The boys asked him about the theme of his sermon and he said that he would be speaking about “the way of heaven”. The boys burst out into laughter and they told him with a smile, “Sir, you do not know the way to the Town Hall and how are you going to show us the way to heaven!” Today young people are telling us, preachers, teachers and parents – stop preaching if you have not walked the talk. We cannot preach if we have not experienced what we are preaching. 

Story of Birbal’s Child

Birbal arrived late for a function and the emperor was displeased.
“My child was crying and I had to placate him,” explained the courtier.
“Does it take so long to calm down a child?” asked the emperor. “It appears you know nothing about child rearing. Now you pretend to be a child and I shall act as your father and I will show you how you should have dealt with your child. Go on, ask me for whatever he asked of you.”
“I want a cow,” said Birbal.
Akbar ordered a cow to be brought to the palace.
“I want its milk. I want its milk,” said Birbal, imitating the voice of a small child.
“Milk the cow and give to him,” said Akbar to his servants.
The cow was milked and the milk was offered to Birbal. He drank a little and then handed the bowl back to Akbar.
“Now put the rest of it back into the cow, put it back, put in back, put it back…” wailed Birbal.
The emperor was flabbergasted and quietly left the room.

Story of a Sleepy Teacher

A school teacher used to take a short nap every afternoon. When his pupils asked him why he did so, he said that he went to dreamland to meet ancient sages.

One extremely hot day some of the pupils fell asleep in the afternoon. When the school-teacher chided them, they said:
“We went to meet the sages in dreamland.”
“What did they say?” demanded the teacher.
“We asked them if a school- teacher came there every afternoon, but they said they had seen no such person.”

Moral of the Story :You can fool some people sometime.

The fat man

One upon a time there was a fat man. He had a strong hefty body- so much so that he had to struggle a lot to get through the door of his house.

One day a young boy happened to came that way and saw the man forcing himself inside the house. The boy couldn’t control his laughter and said, “If you step aside for a moment, I will show you how to get in.”

The man was amused to hear the words of the young boy and said; “I knew the way even before you were born.”

The young boy had no words to say and realized his folly that he should not have advised the man who was quite older than him.