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UBUNTU is a very nice story from Africa …

The motivation behind the Ubuntu culture in Africa …

An Anthropologist proposed a game to the African tribal children …

He placed a basket of sweets near a tree

And made the children stand 100 metres away.

Then announced that whoever reaches first would get all the sweets in the basket.

When he said ‘ready steady go!’ …

Do you know what these children did?

They all held each other’s hands, ran together towards the tree, divided the sweets equally among themselves, ate the sweets and enjoyed it.

When the Anthropologist asked them why they did so,

They answered ‘Ubuntu’.

Which meant –
_’How can one be happy when the others are sad?’_

Ubuntu in their language means –
_’I am because we are!’_

A strong message for all generations.
Let all of us always have this attitude and spread happiness wherever we go.

Let’s have a *_Ubuntu_* Life …



Cow’s tail

A Whip Out Of The Tail of A Cow

Long, long ago in Africa there lived a hunter. His name was Ogalussa. Once he went to the forest to hunt and his wife with their five sons went to the field work. The family came home in the evening. But Ogalussa was not yet back. The family waited and waited for him. But he didn’t come. They had their supper without him. Night came. Then morning came. Then again night came. But Ogalussa did not come home. A week passed. A month passed. And after a sixth son was born to Ogalussa’s wife. Puli was his name. Ogalussa did not come back. Every day Ogalussa’s wife worked in the field. Sometimes the sons helped her. Sometimes they went to the forest to hunt. Some time later the family forgot about Ogalussa. The youngest son Puli could already walk. But he could not talk. But one day he opened his little mouth and began to talk. His first words were, “Where is my father?” Where is our father?” asked the eldest brother, too.

“We must go to the forest and look for him,” said the second brother.

“There is the path he walked along,” said the third brother. 

“Let us go along that path and I am sure we shall find him,” said the fourth brother. 

“Let us go at once!” those were the fifth brother’s words.

And the five sons took their guns and went along the path.

The path was long, very long. At last they came to a place where they saw Ogalussa’s bones and his old gun on the ground. 

The eldest son said, “I can put the bones together.” 

And he put the bones together as they are in a man’s body. 

Then the second brother said, “I can cover the bones with skin.” 

And he covered Ogalussa’s bones with skin. 

The third brother said, “I can fill his body with blood.” 

And he did his work well. 

Then the fourth brother said, ”1 shall make him breath.”

In a few minutes Ogalussa began to breath 

And the fifth brother made him stand up.

Ogalussa stood up, opened his eyes and asked, “Where is my gun?”

The sons gave him his old gun and they went home together. 

At home he washed himself, cut his hair (the people who come back from the Land of the Dead must cut their hair), had his dinner and then rested for some days. All the family were very happy. And so were his neighbours. Ogalussa called his neighbours to a feast and killed a cow. His wife cooked the meat for the feast and Ogalussa made a whip out of the cow’s tail. He put some bright beads on it and the whip was very nice. The feast began. All the people came dressed in their best clothes. Musicians played, the people danced and sang. All were very happy. 

Ogalussa showed his new whip to the guests. “This is the nicest of all the whips,” they said. Many of the guests ask Ogalussa to give them the whip. But Ogalussa did not give it to the guests. 

Then he began to speak, “Long, long ago I went to the forest to hunt. A strong lion killed me. I was dead for a long time. Then my sons found my bones and brought me back to life. Now I am here among you. I am very thankful to my sons! Look here, my dear guests, I have a whip and you say it is the nicest of all the whips. But I have only one whip! I shall give it to the son who helped me most of all to come back from the Land of the Dead.”

Then all the people began to think, “Who helped most of all?”

It was not so easy to tell! At last Ogalussa said, “I shall give the whip to little Puli His first words were, ‘Where is my father? Thanks to him my sons went to the forest to look for me. Thanks to Puli I am here with you and my family.”

And he kissed the little boy. All the people said, “Ogulussa, you are right!” 

And even in our days African people say, “A man is alive as long as you remember him.” 

Greedy Jackal

A jackal once got a thorn in his paw. “Oh, Oh!” he cried as he walked along a road in the forest. “What shall I do? What shall I do?” 

Then he met an old woman: “Please, dear granny,” he said, “Pull the thorn out of my paw.” 
The old woman pulled it out. The jackal thanked her and went away. 
But in a minute he came back and asked: “Where is my thorn, Granny?” 
“I don’t know,” answered the old woman. “Who needs a thorn?” 
Then the jackal began to cry, “Oh, where is my thorn?” He cried. “I need it. I need it very much.” 
The old woman was sorry for the jackal and said, “Don’t cry. Here is an egg for you.” 

The jackal took the egg and ran away with it. He came to a village and knocked at the door of the first house. A man opened it.
“Please, my good man,” said the jackal, “May I stay the night with you? It is late and cold.” 
“Please come in,” answered the man. 
The jackal came in. “May I put my egg on this plate?” he asked. 
“Yes, of course, you may.” 
In the night the jackal got up, ate up the egg and put the shell back on the plate. In the morning the jackal asked the man: “Where is my egg?” 
“I don’t know,” was the answer. 
Then the jackal began to cry, “Oh, my big, big egg!” he said. “Your cat ate it in the night. I am sure!” The man was sorry for the jackal and gave him a hen instead of the egg. 

The jackal took the hen and ran away with it. He ran and ran and came to the next village in the evening. There he knocked at the first door and asked the woman who opened the door. 
“May I stay the night with you, please? It is so cold outside!”
“Please, come in, little jackal,” said the woman.
“And where can I put my hen?” the jackal asked.
“Let the hen stay with our goat,” the woman said.
In the night the jackal got up, went to the place where the goat was and ate up the hen. In the morning he said to the woman, “Let us go and get my hen.”
But there was no hen, of course. There were only feathers and bones on the ground. The jackal began to cry, “Oh, my hen, my beautiful grey hen! Your goat ate it up in the night!” 
The woman was sorry for the jackal and gave him one of the goat’s kids instead of the hen. The jackal thanked the woman and ran away. 

He ran and ran and he came to another village. It was all most evening and he knocked at the first house, “May I stay the night in your house?” he asked the man who opened the door. “I am very, very tired.” 
“Please come in,” the man said.
“Where may I put my little kid?” the jackal asked.
“Tie it to the end of my son’s bed,” the man said.
At night the jackal ate up the kid and put its bones on the boy’s bed. 
In the morning he asked the man. “Where is my little kid?” 
They went up to the boy’s bed. But there were only horns and bones instead of the kid. 
“Oh, my little kid, my dear little kid! Your son ate it in the night, I am sure,” said the jackal and began to cry. 
The man said, “Don’t cry. I shall give you a big goat instead of your little kid.” 
“No, No, I don’t want the goat! Give me your son!”
“All right, go out and wait a little at the door,” said the man.

Then the man brought him a big bag and said: “Here is the boy. He is in the bag. Good bye!”
The jackal took the bag and went away quickly. He tried to run. But he couldn’t run. The bag was very heavy.

“This is a very big boy,” the jackal thought. “Or perhaps it is not a boy. Perhaps the man put stones into the bag! I shall open it and see.’ He opened the bag and two big dogs jumped out of it! In a minute they tore the jackal to pieces.”


Mice never believe a cat

When he was a strong young cat, he caught many mice. The mice were afraid of him then. But in time he grew old and could not catch mice any more. 

One day he decided to play a trick on the mice. He lay on his back and did not move at all. 

A mouse saw him and thought he was dead. She ran to her friends and said, “The cat is dead! Let us dance and play!” 

And all the mice began to dance and play. They were very happy. They danced and danced round the cat and the cat did not move. 

Then one of the mice jumped on the cat’s head. “Look at me! Come nearer, all of you! The bad cat is dead! Let us dance on his head!” But suddenly the cat jumped up and caught the silly mouse.

The other mice ran away as quickly as they could. 
Mice! Don’t forget! Never believe a cat! 

House in the sky

Once upon a time there lived a poor man, Abhilas by name. He was clever and often made jokes at rich people and even at the chief. So they did not like him and wanted to kill him. Once the chief sent for Abhilas and he came to the chief’s house.

“I hear that you are very clever, Abhilas! Can you build me a house in the sky in three days? You may have as many men as you need. If you can’t do that my soldiers will kill you.” 

“I shall build it, my Chief,” said Abhilas and went home. 

He began to think. Then he made a kite and tied a bell and a long sting to it. When the wind blew, the kite rose high up in the air. 

But it did not fly far, because Abhilas tied the string to a tree. The next day all the people of the town heard the bell and saw a dark spot in the sky. The chief saw the spot, too. Abhilas came up to the chief and said” oh, my Chief, the house in the sky will soon be ready. Do you hear the bell? The workers are ringing the bell from the sky. They need some boards for the roof of the house. Please tell your soldiers to climb up to the sky with the boards.” 

“But how will my soldiers climb up to the sky?” asked the chief.

“Oh, there is a way up,” said Abhilas. 

So the chief ordered his soldiers to get some boards and to follow Abhilas. They came to the tree and saw the string there. “This is the way to the sky,” Abhilas said. “Climb up the string and you will come to the sky.” 

The soldiers tried to climb up the string, but could not do that. “Try again, try again! Our Chief will be very angry if you don’t carry the boards up to his house in the sky!” said Abhilas. 

Then the soldiers went to the chief and said, “Oh, Chief, no man can climb up to the sky!”

The chief thought a little and said, “That’s right. Nobody can do that.” 

Then Abhilas said to the chief, “Oh, my Chief, if you know that, why do you ask me to build you a house in the sky?” 

And the chief could give no answer to 
that. Abhilas went to the tree, cut the string and took away the kite

Cat and the woman

A Cat and Her Strong Friends

A Cat and Her Strong Friends :

Once there lived a cat. She thought, “The lion is the strongest of all the animals. It is good to have strong friends. I shall go to the lion and make friendship with him.” 

She did so and the lion and the cat were friends for many, many days. 

Once they went for a walk together and met an elephant. The lion began to fight with the elephant and the elephant killed him. 

The cat was very sorry. “What shall I do?” she thought. 

“The elephant was stronger than the lion. I shall go to the elephant and make friendship with him.” 

She did so and they were friends for many, many days. 

Once they went for a walk and met a hunter. The hunter shot at the elephant and killed him. The cat was sorry, but she thought, “The man is stronger than the elephant, I see.” 

So she went up to the hunter and asked, “May I go with you?”

“All right, let us go home together,” he said. 

They came to the man’s home. His wife met him and took his gun from him. The cat saw that and thought: “Oh, the woman is the strongest of all! She can take the hunter’s gun from him, and he does not fight with her. He does not even say a word!” The man sat down at the table and the woman went to the kitchen. The cat went to the kitchen, too. She decided to stay with the woman forever. That’s why you always see a cat in the kitchen at a woman’s feet.