Story of the Way to Heaven

There is the funny story told of a preacher who was driving through a town not familiar to him and he was searching for the town hall where he was to conduct a prayer meeting and preach. He saw a group of boys playing and he asked them the way to the Town Hall. The boys in turn asked him about the nature of his work and he told them that he was going to preach and he invited them to join the others. The boys asked him about the theme of his sermon and he said that he would be speaking about “the way of heaven”. The boys burst out into laughter and they told him with a smile, “Sir, you do not know the way to the Town Hall and how are you going to show us the way to heaven!” Today young people are telling us, preachers, teachers and parents – stop preaching if you have not walked the talk. We cannot preach if we have not experienced what we are preaching. 

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